Passkeys Case Studies

Discover how businesses and organizations leverage passkeys to realize passwordless authentication, ensuring secure and convenient logins for users.

Google Logo

2x faster logins

Passkeys have been found to have 4x higher login success rates and enable 2x faster logins than traditional methods.

GitHub Logo

95% 2FA opt-in rate

GitHub dramatically increased 2FA adoption including passkeys on GitHub, as passkeys currently offer the strongest mix of security and usability.

Kayak Logo

2/3 opt-in rate

2/3 of new KAYAK sign-ups opt in to use passkeys. Additionally, KAYAK has reduced the average time it takes for users to sign up and sign in by 50%.

Dashlane Logo

70% increased sign-in conversion

Dashlane has seen a 70% increase in conversion rate for signing-in with passkeys compared to passwords.

CVS Health logo
CVS Health

98% drop in mobile ATO fraud

More than 10 million CVS Health users benefit from a true passwordless login experience, resulting in a 98% reduction in mobile account takeover (ATO) fraud.

Intuit logo

85% mobile usage of passkeys

More than 85% of all customer authentications on Intuit’s mobile apps are now done using passkeys.

Air New Zealand Logo
Air New Zealand

30% opt-in rate in first 24h

Air New Zealand experienced a 30% opt-in rate in the first 24 hours, after which the login-abandonment rates dropped by 50%.

Yahoo Japan Logo
Yahoo! Japan

2.6x faster logins

Passkeys account for 18% of all smartphone logins on Yahoo! Japan, resulting in a 2.6x faster authentication time and a 25% decrease in user inquiries.

Mercari Logo

3.9x faster logins

In August 2023, 900,000 Mercari accounts used passkeys, achieving an 82.5% success rate and a 3.9x faster logins.

MiLogin Logo

1.3k fewer calls

Reduced help desk password reset calls by 1,300 in a single month (achieved this with 100k devices enrolled in passkeys, growing by 18k devices per month)